Virginia vs. Utah Non-Resident Permits

I get a lot of questions about if I or will I ever teach the Utah Non-Resident CCW course.  I personally see no reason to teach the course.  I do maintain a Virginia Non-Resident permit and I feel it is a better option for me.  I see no need to sit in a 4-6 hour government mandated class and never fire a firearm.  (It makes sense that the government doesn’t want you…I mean, require you…to shoot your gun, if you think about it.)  However, if you are going to go through the work to get the Utah Permit, go ahead and get your Virginia permit as well.  Good luck and find a good local company to teach the class!

Here’s a local company that does a great job with the Utah class:

Here is a comparison I put together about a year ago on the two permits.

Virginia vs Utah Non-Resident Permit

Screenshot 2014-02-15 20.28.47Screenshot 2014-02-15 20.29.18