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“…If you are a member of a congregation or any other place people gather (community group, office), this book provides excellent guidance.”

Another excellent work by Cunningham, Safe Shooter (December 17, 2018)

“…As a pastor for the past 30 years who is now having to address these security issues in my own congregation, I can highly recommend this resource to my fellow ministers and congregational leaders. We are the ones who need to be leading our people in making sure they are safe in our houses of worship, and this book will successfully move us through that process.”

From a pastor’s point of view…, Terry Colley, (December 16, 2018)

“The authors provide a wealth of information about safety and security in a place of worship. And present it in a thoughtful, reasoned way. This book provides a comprehensive look at congregational security, from risk management, threat assessment, planning, and response.

I highly recommend this book to anyone concerned about safety and security in their place of worship. It offers practical, useful advice that I have not found anywhere else.”

A must read for anyone interested in security in their place of worship, Amazon Customer, (December 17, 2018)