Mayberry isn’t real, lock your doors!

By: Joshua Gideon

I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions tonight as word broke that the body of missing 1 year old girl in Indiana had been found by a river near where she was taken. I am very familiar with the town where the young child was taken from, I grew up in towns just like this one all over Indiana. This really hit home for me and I can without reluctance say this is personal to me as it is with many other people across the State of Indiana.

You see, this town just like many small towns around here might have an eerie resemblance of the fictional T.V. show town Mayberry. It wouldn’t take much to see the similarities. From the town squares, to the sidewalks, to the people sitting on their porches watching people walk by, I can see how it might be easy to confuse fiction with reality. Everyone knows everyone in the town and it’s easy to get blinded by that false sense of safety.

As a firearms instructor and author, I seem to be constantly fighting a cultural issue that’s not only prevalent here, but it’s epidemic in other areas around the country. People want to “Feel Safe” so they do things that put them at higher risk for terrible tragedies like this. I preach and preach to people that just because you live in what is perceived as a safe neighborhood doesn’t mean you are safe. However, these same people want to take some alleged moral high ground and ignore this advice. They seem to believe that by not doing things to keep them safe they are somehow changing the world through believing nothing bad will happen. If this is the way you think, let this be a lesson to you:

Saylyn’s grandmother, Tamera Morgan, says she put the toddler to sleep in the living room, though the door was unlocked. “The front door was unlocked, because we just don’t ever lock the door,” Morgan told RTV6. “We don’t have a reason to lock the door. I’ve lived in Spencer all my life and, you know, we just don’t lock doors here.”

Are you reading this? Now let that sink in good. That little baby is dead not because they didn’t lock your doors. No, it goes WAY deeper than that. That baby is dead because they refused to accept the reality that this world has evil people and those evil people are looking for people like you so they can do whatever they want to do with no resistance. This isn’t isolated. This is the second high-profile murder in Indiana in less than a year that was the result of this thinking!

Friends, I am not saying we need to be paranoid and live in fear. I get it; I don’t want to live in fear either. But don’t use that as your excuse for you keeping your head in the sand. We need to see the situation for what it is. There is evil out there and those evil people are on the hunt. Often they go to perceived “safe” areas and hunt (ex. the Mayberry’s type towns of the world). Sticking your head in the sand or wanting to believe that it won’t happen to you isn’t going to change the facts. Evil people are out there hunting you, they don’t care if they have to kill you to get what they want, and they will absolutely prey on you because you think this way. If your only defense is “hoping” you never cross paths with these people, I plead with you to think that over for a minute. What’s keeping them from coming to your small little town? What’s keeping them from coming to your house?

You see, someone locking their doors isn’t an indicator that they are paranoid. It’s an indicator that they realize that there are bad people out there and a locked door is one more layer between the bad guy and you! We need to be hard targets, people that scare evil into moving on to other areas. Then if they don’t scare, we are prepared to persuade them with necessary force. That’s what not being a soft target is all about! There will always be prey for the predator and there will always be those that scare the predator away. Even in little towns like Mayberry. Which one are you going to be when evil comes to your town?