How do I “feel safe” again? 1

By: Joshua Gideon

Weeks before the terror attacks in Paris and the terror attack in California, my wife had me watch a video blog she follows. This particular video blog is made by a husband and wife who blog about their adventures at a particular theme park. Evidently they have been blogging for some time and have a lot of followers. As typically occurs when you are that visible to the public, the creepy people begin to come out from under the rocks they hide under. In this case, they were contacted by what appeared to be a stalker letting them know that they knew a lot of personal information about them. The couple took to their blog to let their audience know that they would be taking a break from the blog to re-evaluate their security situation. What I found interesting is the statement “We just don’t feel safe anymore,” or some variant of that, was repeated over and over. My guess is that they will take some quick and painless steps that make them “feel safe” again and they will begin doing video blogs again with no worries until the next time something takes away their feeling of safety again.

After the attacks in Paris and California, I had people come into the gun store that I work with and say almost the same words. There were record numbers of people coming in to purchase their first firearm in hopes that it would help them “feel safe” again. I guided many of them to not only purchase a firearm, but also get the training necessary to be proficient in dealing with the threats in which they may need that firearm. Some were receptive to that; others were content in the feeling they got by purchasing that object and putting it in their closet. To many, that is enough to make them “feel safe.”

Our society tries to hard to convince us that by putting out very little effort, we can “feel safe” and that “feeling safe” is the same thing as “being safe.” We are certainly not lacking cheap gadgets and magical talisman that help fuel those feelings. I know people who do not have alarm systems but put alarm system signs in their yard to help them “feel safe.” They try living in neighborhoods where no one worries about locking their cars or their doors, because they want to believe that they live in a safe area where that’s not needed. We want to see our law enforcement officers wearing blue uniforms with shiny badges and cars with “Police” posted all over them because that makes us feel safe. Yet we don’t want to see them on every corner because that would be too oppressive, well that is until we need them, then they can’t get their fast enough. Our society has convinced many of us that as long as we believe Mayberry exists, we can feel safe, and that’s all that matters.

Yet, time and time again, we see the strategy of “feeling safe” fail for people in tragic ways. Nearly a month ago just an hour away from where I live, a young pregnant preachers wife was sexually assaulted and brutally murdered with her 1 year old child in the house while her husband was at the gym. It was revealed that the front door was left unlocked and the home invaders (murderers) were able to simply walk in to their home. Sadly, she was a soft target and that day when the wolf came knocking on the door, she wasn’t prepared to defend herself.

I created the “No Soft Targets” blog and training company because I was frustrated seeing so many stories of vulnerable people being attacked, murdered, or otherwise victimized. My goal was and still is, to educate people so they are no longer low hanging fruit for those that want to do them harm. The “No Soft Targets” concept goes beyond feeling safe, although I get the desire. With the right training and the appropriate tools and techniques in place, you can become a hard target that is far less likely to be attacked by the evil in this world. Gun Free zones, utopian ideas of safe places, feel good legislation, and strongly worded threats to those that might do us harm will never fix the issue. It may indeed make a lot of people feel good, but it won’t fix the problem.

Prepared people doing the right thing at the right time must meet evil with swift and violent justice. Those people are hard targets and evil fears us! We are NOT soft targets! We are emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically prepared to deal with evil before it comes knocking on the door. We do not live in fear and ironically, we “feel safe” because we ARE safe! Are you ready to feel safe again?

Go to NoSoftTargets.Com to sign up for training that will help you be prepared! If you don’t get training from me, get training from a reputable trainer! Do your research and don’t be a soft target!


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