Home Invasion Defense Course

Learn how to defend your family in the event of a Home Invasion using elite military and law enforcement training systems.  This state of the art training class will combine practical training methods with laser and multimedia based training systems to provide real life training scenarios in your home.  How long will it take you to get your firearm, get out of bed, and move tactically to the threat after being awakened by a home invader?  At what point in your home are you most likely to encounter an intruder?  What are the likely areas of entry for an intruder?  What happens if you are forced to shoot at an intruder but miss?  These questions and many others will be covered in the Home Invasion Defense Training class offered by No Soft Targets.

This is a one-on-one in house class taught by Joshua Gideon a Certified Protective Security Specialist with executive protection and overseas protective experience.  The class is packed full of information and training!  You will learn in a hands-on environment how to deal with Home Intruders.  It will cover the following items:  Firearm Familiarity, Reaction Time vs. Time to Enter, Preparing for Incidents, Children and Firearms, Legal Considerations, Incident Response, After the Incident, Training Exercises, and a Training Review at the end of the class.

If you would like to schedule a class, please contact me via e-mail at jgideon@nosofttargets.com for schedule availability.  The cost of the class is ONLY $150 per family up to 5 people.  If you have more than 5 people contact me for pricing and classes in your area .  Scheduling for 2013 begins today!  Don’t wait, classes will fill up fast!  If you have any questions or would like more information, please e-mail me.