An unknown 2nd Amendment supporter

An unknown 2nd Amendment supporter

By:  Joshua Gideon

The name Carl Edward Gideon Sr. won’t mean much to most people.  Around here, many know him as a retired Chrysler employee and farmer.  Outside this area a few may even know him for his outstanding clay shooting ability and many competitions won in the region and State.  A few know him for his passion for hunting and fewer know him for the encyclopedia of gun knowledge that he humbly stores away until someone politely asks.  Regardless of where you met Carl Gideon Sr. you would not walk away without knowing his strong support for the 2nd amendment.  From the NRA Lifetime pin he wore on his hat to the hunting and shooting clothing he wore, there was no doubt he stands in support of the 2nd amendment.

It’s true, I know him for his remarkable ability to powder clays.  I know him for all the above reasons everyone else does.  But I also know him as the person that first taught me how to shoot a gun.  The person who introduced me to the writings of Jeff Cooper, Skeeter Skelton, Elmer Keith, Ed McGivern, and many more.  He supplied me with more magazines and books than a young man could ever read.  Many of which I still have to this day.  In his own way, he taught me that if I wanted to learn to do something I needed to listen and study what the professionals are saying.  Not only that; but learn where they got their knowledge and learn from those people.  This is a philosophy I live by to this day.

Not too long ago I had a great conversation with him as I visited him in a hospital room.  We talked about the usual…the bible, guns, and hunting.  I told him that I had started writing on a blog about guns and gun training.  He didn’t really know what a blog was but encouraged me to continue writing and share the knowledge I have gained.  He told me he was proud of me and said, “you never know, some day some young kid may read what you write just like you did” referring to me reading the Gun magazines he gave me.  I humbly told him I don’t know about that, but I would promise to write with the vigor and care that those writers wrote.  It was a great time spent with him and I am blessed to have had that time.

If you haven’t figured it out, Carl Edward Gideon Sr. is my grandpa.  An amazing man whom I owe my love for firearms, training, and hunting to.  I write all this with tears of joy and sadness streaming down my cheeks, knowing that just a few hours ago he passed from this earth after a short battle with multiple strokes and infections.

You may have never met or known my grandpa, but I am sure you know someone just like him.  I ask that in his honor and the honor of those just like him, you take some young people under your wing and teach them about firearms and the 2nd amendment.  Teach them to responsibly use a firearm to hunt.  Flood them with magazines and books from the professionals and encourage them to ask why!  You see, we need to train our replacements so that one day when our time on earth is up, we can confidently pass that torch onto another generation.  I am thankful to have been given that torch today from such a wonderful man.