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I will be hosting an adoption fundraiser on March 29, 2014 to help raise money for my sister and brother-in-law to adopt a child from the country of Moldova.  100% of all the money collected will towards the rescuing a beautiful young girl from Moldova.  Please help us raise money for this event!  Thank you!!

Eventbrite - Adoption Fundraiser

Information on my sister and brother-in-law:

Who We Are: We are the Gentry family, US citizens currently living and working in the tiny country of Moldova. In February, 2013 we began our journey to rescue an 8 year old girl living in Moldovan orphanage. Adoption is a labor of love and financially speaking, it’s an expensive labor of love. The cost of adopting from Moldova is about $25,000.00. A staggering amount, but the benefits are priceless.


Some General Facts About The Impoverished Children In Moldova:

  • Over 250,000 Moldovan children are in government-ran orphanages.
  • Less than 200 of those children were adopted (internationally or domestically) in 2011
  • Over 136,000 Moldovan children are living in homes where their parents have migrated abroad to find work.
  • Over 109,000 children are subjected to forced labor.
  • In 2008, Moldova’s National Bureau of Statistics estimated there were about 25,000 Moldovan victims of human trafficking, most of them minors. Many of these children become victims when they “age out” of the orphan home system at only 16 years old.


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