By: Joshua Gideon I must confess I have a terrible time finding matching clothes each morning. I gaze into the closet and see a blur of different colored shirts and pants that all look the same. It takes much pain and effort to be able to find what I am […]

She doesn’t recognize threats like you do!

By: Joshua Gideon Last weekend I attended the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN. At breakfast on Saturday morning I by chance bumped into a couple guys that I highly respect in the firearms industry. They were very kind to ask me to join them. It was there that I […]

Non-Verbal Communication Habits

By: Joshua Gideon A quality-hunting gun is a prized possession of many hunters and an heirloom for many families across the USA. These guns, despite their age and condition, are passed down generation to generation. One might mistake them for just another gun, but for many of us, they are […]

Beretta Gun Pod 2: The future of Firearms

By: Joshua Gideon Way back in November of 2013 I wrote a blog article entitled, “Even the Pros get Amushed.” ( In that article I identified the shortfalls of awareness and stressed the need for counter ambush training.  I pointed out that in the real world, when the proverbial rubber […]

The importance of recognition over situational awareness

By: Joshua Gideon I recently had a short discussion with a young man on Facebook. I speak to so many people online that I would have passed this off as insignificant, but I think there are some lessons to be learned from this encounter. This particular gentleman was a staunch […]

Can I use a .22 for self-defense?

By: Joshua Gideon Students who have been through my Basic Handgun courses have heard my speech on “the evolution of a defensive firearms owner.” The original point of the speech was to help comfort those new students who may never have been around firearms and are still trying to warm […]

Evolution of a Defensive Firearms Owner

By: Joshua Gideon I’m not sure where it started. Maybe it was an old western movie where the bad guy walks into a saloon where the good guy is sitting in a dark corner waiting for him. Maybe it was a story someone told about a tough guy they knew […]

No one puts tough guys in a corner

Unlicensed used gun dealers By: Joshua Gideon I consider myself a Constitutional Conservative with a hard line on 2nd Amendment Rights. I feel that ever American should have the “right” to own a firearm for defense against any hostile threat against them (including the Government). At the same time I […]

Unlicensed used gun dealers

A look behind the blades of grass By: Joshua Gideon Isoroku Yamamoto is attributed to the quote, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Although it is disputed if he actually said this, the premise behind it seems to have […]

A look behind the blades of grass