By: Joshua Gideon I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions tonight as word broke that the body of missing 1 year old girl in Indiana had been found by a river near where she was taken. I am very familiar with the town where the young child was […]

Mayberry isn’t real, lock your doors!

By: Joshua Gideon Weeks before the terror attacks in Paris and the terror attack in California, my wife had me watch a video blog she follows. This particular video blog is made by a husband and wife who blog about their adventures at a particular theme park. Evidently they have […]

How do I “feel safe” again?

By: Joshua Gideon  When speaking about attacks in the Dignitary Protection or Protective Security world, many of us have heard people say “you can’t stop a determined attacker intent on killing you.” Although I do understand the point the statement is trying to make about not being able to plan […]

Detecting when correlation is no longer coincidence

Below are the pending courses and dates for Spring 2015.  If the class date is available and available to register, it will have a link to the registration page.  If the class date is market (Pending), the class has not yet been finalized and or the range has not been […]

Summer 2015 Class Schedule