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By: Joshua Gideon I recently had a short discussion with a young man on Facebook. I speak to so many people online that I would have passed this off as insignificant, but I think there are some lessons to be learned from this encounter. This particular gentleman was a staunch […]

Can I use a .22 for self-defense?

By: Joshua Gideon Students who have been through my Basic Handgun courses have heard my speech on “the evolution of a defensive firearms owner.” The original point of the speech was to help comfort those new students who may never have been around firearms and are still trying to warm […]

Evolution of a Defensive Firearms Owner

By: Joshua Gideon I’m not sure where it started. Maybe it was an old western movie where the bad guy walks into a saloon where the good guy is sitting in a dark corner waiting for him. Maybe it was a story someone told about a tough guy they knew […]

No one puts tough guys in a corner