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NRA Annual Meeting- FREE CLASS GIVEAWAY No Soft Targets will be giving away TWO free seats to the  May 24th Ladies Only Basic Handgun course at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis! I (Josh Gideon) will be a guest in the iSniper Booth #3446 on Saturday (April 26th) & […]


By: Joshua Gideon The .380 ACP for years has been considered an underpowered round. I was one of its biggest critics. I affectionately called it a neutered 9mm. However, times change and technology improves. With that said, one must keep an open mind. In the not too distant past, the […]

The .380 is a legitimate defensive handgun round

An unknown 2nd Amendment supporter By:  Joshua Gideon The name Carl Edward Gideon Sr. won’t mean much to most people.  Around here, many know him as a retired Chrysler employee and farmer.  Outside this area a few may even know him for his outstanding clay shooting ability and many competitions […]

An unknown 2nd Amendment supporter

Beware of unqualified firearms instructors! By Joshua Gideon If you have been around the firearms industry long enough you have probably encountered a gun storeowner or two who gives bad advice to customers purchasing firearms for self-defense.  Many of us have witnessed the eager sales guy sell a shiny Raven […]

Beware of unqualified firearms instructors!

I get a lot of questions about if I or will I ever teach the Utah Non-Resident CCW course.  I personally see no reason to teach the course.  I do maintain a Virginia Non-Resident permit and I feel it is a better option for me.  I see no need to […]

Virginia vs. Utah Non-Resident Permits

I will be hosting an adoption fundraiser on March 29, 2014 to help raise money for my sister and brother-in-law to adopt a child from the country of Moldova.  100% of all the money collected will towards the rescuing a beautiful young girl from Moldova.  Please help us raise money […]

Fundraiser Shooting Competition

Lone Survivor Movie Thoughts By:  Joshua Gideon I am not a movie buff, I know nothing about cinematography and what works and doesn’t work.  I like watching westerns, action movies, dramas, and sometimes war movies.  Beyond being a consumer, frankly I don’t care to know more than that.  What I […]

Lone Survivor Movie Thoughts