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Unlicensed used gun dealers By: Joshua Gideon I consider myself a Constitutional Conservative with a hard line on 2nd Amendment Rights. I feel that ever American should have the “right” to own a firearm for defense against any hostile threat against them (including the Government). At the same time I […]

Unlicensed used gun dealers

A look behind the blades of grass By: Joshua Gideon Isoroku Yamamoto is attributed to the quote, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Although it is disputed if he actually said this, the premise behind it seems to have […]

A look behind the blades of grass

This is what it’s like when worlds collide By: Joshua Gideon Growing up in a farming community in East Central Indiana, I picked up a few things about firearms. I grew up hunting, killing varmints on my grandfather’s farm, and passing time testing my marksmanship skills on tin cans and […]

This is what it’s like when worlds collide…

Defensive Firearms Context:  Transferrable Knowledge & Skills By:  Joshua Gideon 9/24/2014   Transferrable Knowledge & Skills One of the least understood principles in the defensive firearms community is the principle of context.  At the root of the issue is what I believe to be a misapplication of what is now […]

Defensive Firearms Context: Transferrable Knowledge & Skills

By: Joshua Gideon Last weekend I ran into the local farm supply store to pick up some weed killer. This particular store has a gun section and I frequently browse through on my way to pick up other items. As I am looking for .38 FMJ rounds I see a […]

You just bought a Smith and Wesson Hi-Point?

By:  Joshua Gideon I have coached students in the defensive use of firearms for almost 7 years.  I am still a pup in the Firearms training world.  I certainly have not had as many students go through my courses as others, but after watching a few hundred students go through […]

Never buy a “new” .40 S&W handgun

A few years ago I worked in a town with a small university.  I was rarely in the office and more often than not I found myself in a local coffee shop for several hours between visits to client sites.  It became known as a satellite office and if my […]

Unintended Consequences