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Gun Mods Gone Wild By:  Joshua Gideon A little over a month ago I met a guy who wanted me to look at a handgun he had “modified” in hopes that I would recommend his services to others.  Now, I am a fan of modern striker fired handguns.  I make […]

Gun Mods Gone Wild

Even the Pros get ambushed By:  Joshua Gideon In early 2007 I began getting involved in the private security industry in an attempt to add some diversity to my skills.  My background is in computer security and I wanted to be a bit well rounded in case I ever needed […]

Even the Pros get ambushed

Bail Out Bags for LEO’s, good idea or fad? By:  Joshua Gideon For nearly a decade now I have trained or assisted with training with law enforcement officers in the farming communities of East Central Indiana.  My experiences as a private security contractor (semi-retired) and unique skillsets have blessed me […]

Bail Out Bags for LEO’s, good idea or fad?

Learn how to defend your family in the event of a Home Invasion using elite military and law enforcement training systems.  This state of the art training class will combine practical training methods with laser and multimedia based training systems to provide real life training scenarios in your home.  How […]

Home Invasion Defense Course

Dear Guests, If you are here, you are likely looking for information on my qualifications as a defensive firearms instructor.  I want to thank you for finding my page and checking me out before you sign up for a class.  Let me start out by telling you a little about […]

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